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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Companies from Japan plans to invest in Taiwan

As per the data released by a senior economics from Taiwan, after touring Japan said that number of Japanese firms are planning to invest in production facilities in the island, in part as of a bettering investment nature.

While talking to media, Vice Economic Affairs Minister Lin Sheng-chung said, “My visit to Japan Feb. 14-16 at the head of a delegation to solicit investment, he received commitments from Japanese businesses to invest a possible NT$8 billion (US$272.14 million) in Taiwan.”

The minister then told media, that number of firms from Japan reveals that Taiwan’s investment nature had turned for the better as well as expressed that they were planning to modify their offices or boost investment in the country.

Liu said, some of the companies anticipated their desire of working with island’s firms to jointly tap into China’s market, targeting potential policies stemming from the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) inked by the two nations in June last year.

Liu said, “This shows that Taiwan has become a springboard for foreign companies to tap into Chinese or Southeast Asian markets.”

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