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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Central Taiwan opens shipping farm products to China

According to latest news, around 5 containers packed with agricultural products which cost around NT$13 million were delivered to Taichung Port for shipment to Laioning region. This is the very first time that the central Taiwan city will sell farm products to Northeast China.

In the meantime, the containers, packed with honey murcotts, a type of tangerine, mushrooms, honey, plum wines, and Lishan tea, were sent to the city's port after a deal on the sale of the agricultural goods was inked by officials from Taichung and the Chinese province.

While talking to media, Taichung Mayor Jason Hu said, “It was the first time a province in northeastern China has bought agricultural goods from Taichung, and I anticipated that Liaoning would make an additional NT$27.5 million in purchases.”

According to him, “We described Taichung and Liaoning as highly complementary, and we target to see friendly interaction take place between the two sides from now on.”

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